Search methodology

All of our assignments follow a clear, transparent process, with agreed and visible timelines.

Step 1 Briefing

Great emphasis is placed on clarity of specification; where appropriate, we advise on the feasibility and remuneration necessary to recruit the talent required.  In addition to the objective skills and experiences, care is taken to understand the necessary behavioural characteristics that will fit with the client’s culture.

Step 2 Confirmation

As with all project-based work, we confirm the brief to ensure an unambiguous understanding of the role, the client culture and the task required.  At this stage, we commit to clear delivery milestones.

Step 3 Target organisation analysis

All relevant target organisations are evaluated and the management structure identified.  Careful attention is paid to the identification of prospects that match the brief and regular progress reports are communicated to clients.

Step 4 Approach

Prospective candidates that match our brief are confidentially approached and qualified for interview.  At an early stage, we aim to identify a match in skill, experience, ambition and aspiration.

Step 5 Interview

Candidates are met and further evaluated by the consultant on the project.  By building trust with these key individuals, we are able to identify suitability from both the client and candidate perspective.

Step 6 Shortlist

The strongest candidates are selected for shortlist.  Transparent project visibility ensures the client understands how, and from what, the shortlist distillation has been made, ensuring confidence in the selection process.

Step 7 Client support

Working closely with the client’s own recruitment process, we provide careful interview support, feedback and advice.  At the final stages, we ensure candidate interest is genuine, minimising the risk of counter-offers.

Step 8 After-care

Our work does not end with the successful appointment; we schedule follow up communication with clients to ensure correct, long-term fit and to identify any potential teething problems, before they become major issues.