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Our Approach

The assignments in which we excel are those that our clients simply cannot afford to get wrong; the business-critical appointments responsible for driving and creating the future growth and success of the organisation.

That is why we challenge, we scour, we analyse and we mine; this talent is rarely actively seeking their next career move and it requires a deep and intelligent appreciation of their world, their ambitions and their challenges to entice them to move. This is what Oryx brings.


Depth and breadth of field

A typical assignment begins with a detailed, objective analysis of the required skillset. This will enable us to survey the market, internationally if required, to establish potential availability and whether your opportunity is sufficient to attract the candidate envisaged.

As well as determining feasibility, we will carry out a comprehensive and intelligent review of the marketplace to identify the organisations, competitors, sectors and roles which your ideal candidates will currently be undertaking. In doing so we identify specific and/or transferrable skillsets, the geographic distribution of potential candidates and the factors most likely to motivate desired candidates to move.

Expect to be challenged; we often identify individuals with career paths and industry experience you will not have previously considered and progressively review and refine the search parameters, before arriving at focused, original conclusions which identify candidates by name.

Our shortlist proposals are remarkably detailed, setting out objective reasons for a candidate’s inclusion, or exclusion. Clients remark on our thoroughness and are impressed by the quality and choice of the candidates we present.


In-demand professionals are accustomed to receiving approaches from ‘Headhunters’. First impressions are critical, so we concentrate on ensuring our first contact with them articulates concise, credible, compelling information that will spark their interest.

Oryx has built an excellent reputation in this respect and this is bolstered by the quality, experience and professionalism of our Consultants.

Discretion is an important part of our approach. We will pre-agree with you the information to be released to candidates as the selection process unfolds, both to maintain the required confidentiality and market the position in the optimum way.

We will then act as efficient intermediaries throughout your interviewing process, gaining feedback at each stage and clarifying interest and issues.

Thorough, wide-ranging and exacting to the last detail, our search approach reliably delivers the quality shortlists you require when you have mission-critical roles to fill.


Meticulously formed

Our shortlist proposals contain detailed candidate profiles, clear reasons for our recommendations and pertinent facts. We will include our long lists as well, providing reasons why we have chosen not to progress certain candidates for interview.

Depending on complexity, inception to shortlist typically takes 4 – 8 weeks. 95% of shortlists are successful first time and we guarantee to resubmit shortlists free of charge in the unlikely event that there is a subjective mismatch.


Transferrable knowledge

Our search methods are applicable to any industry or discipline, both within the UK and internationally. As well as undertaking board level search, we provide a depth of expertise to finding and attracting any senior management role where the supply is short and performance requirements are high.

The bespoke nature of our service offering, means you are never simply paying for access to a single recruiter’s network of contacts. At any point of your choosing, we are ready to apply our well-honed and continually refined research skills, to uncover the most up-to-date talent pool, selecting from the entire market, rather than simply those candidates who are currently ‘looking’.

The results speak for themselves - explore our client showcase to find out more about what we’ve achieved.