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Our spotlight is on delivering quality. We pride ourselves not only on our high professional standards, but also on our success in upholding them.

We promise our clients clear communication, objective advice and measurable progress against clearly defined targets, with no surprises.

We’ve a wealth of experience to explore – our Client Showcase provides an immediately impressive selection of recent successes, many of which dig deeper as Client Stories, where we share insight and detail around our approach to some interesting assignments.


The global view

Intelligence gathering is crucial to our scientific Search methods. Much of this comes as an inevitable by-product of the process, but we can provide certain aspects as standalone services, for example to support business planning.

These services include:

  • Market surveys to assess candidate availability in a given location;
  • Salary and benefits surveys;
  • Identification and / or development of talent pools by skill, location and / or sector;
  • Employee or potential candidate surveys;
  • Resourcing strategy;
  • Project management.


Illuminating key decisions

Our research and interview process is designed to identify the specific skills, markets and experience needed to fulfil a client’s opportunity. However, knowing what people have achieved is only part of the picture; to create a strong match we need to understand why and how individuals have done so.

Psychometric profiling provides a valuable insight into the personality traits of potential recruits. Teamed with expert advice from our consultants, the results accurately predict.

  • Motivations
  • Fears
  • Communication preferences
  • Negotiation style
  • Management approach
  • Value to the organisation

Combined with detailed interview evaluation, psychometrics are used for the following applications.

  • Ensuring the correct personality fit with the organisational culture.
  • Ensuring the right approach to a given role and tasks.
  • Compatibility with Board and team structures.
  • Understanding how to manage and motivate a new recruit.
  • Uncovering any potential frustrations.
  • Long term career planning and guidance.